We are always out to answer questions and get you into proper alignment! Below we have our events check us out and if you want us to visit your company, school or event leave us a message!

11/06/2013 Brentwood YMCA 8:30am-10:30am

11/12/2013 Tower Grove Christian School

11/15/2013 Kmart 2pm-4pm

11/118/2013 St.Alexius Hospital Health fair 10am-2pm

11/19/2013 Murphy O’Fallon Grace Hill 10am-1pm

11/20/2013 Water Tower Hub Grace Hill 10am-2pm

11/22/2013 Kmart 2pm-4pm

11/23/2013 Twilight Turkey Trot 5k 4:30pm-6:30pm

12/5/2013 Murphy O’Fallon Health Center 9am-10am

12/10/2013 Soulard-Benton Health Center 9am-10am

12/14/2013 Mid-County Reindeer Run 8:30am-10am

12/18/2013 Monsanto YMCA 10am-12pm

12/19/2013 South City YMCA 10am-12pm

01/11/2014 Sante Fitness and Wellness health fair 8am-12pm

01/11/2014 Schlafly Library learn what is whiplash 2pm-3pm

01/13/2014 Brentwood YMCA 9am-11am

01/18/2014  Martin Luther King Jr. Health fair 8am-11am

01/22/2014 Rankin Technical College 11am-1pm

01/27/2014 South City YMCA 10am-12pm

02/04/2014 Water Tower Health Center 10am-12pm

02/06/2014 Murphy O’Fallon Health Center 9am-2pm

02/07/2014 Brentwood YMCA 9:30am-11:30am

02/11/2014 Murphy O’Fallon Health Center 9am-12pm

02/12/2014 Monsanto YMCA 11am-12pm

02/20/2014 South City YMCA 10am-12pm

03/05/2014 Monsanto YMCA 5pm-6pm

03/11/2014 Brentwood YMCA 10ma-12pm

03/24/2014 South City YMCA 10am-12pm

04/09/2014 Monsanto YMCA 5pm-6pm

04/17/2014 Brentwood YMCA 10am-12pm

04/24/2014 South City YMCA 10am-12pm

05/6/2014 Brentwood YMCA 10am-12pm

05/14/2013 Monsanto YMCA 10am-12pm

05/19/2014 South City YMCA 10am-12pm

06/11/2014 Monsanto YMCA 11am-12pm

06/26/2014 South City YMCA 10am-12pm